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WPBooker WordPress Plugin Extension for Booker Software

–Make it easy for your customers to book appointments right from your website. We are in the process of testing and fine tuning the plugin. For an example of how our plugin will look take a look at Metamorphosis Day Spa’s on-site appointment booking system. You can also check out their specialized service page by clicking here. WpBooker creates these pages with a click of a button syncing all of your Booker Software services and treatments to your wordpress site. If you still have any questions about our functionality fill out this form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


Increase Bookings with the WpBooker Plugin and Marketing Network


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With a click of button sync all your services and series

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Increase your booking services conversions with WpBooker Plugin


It’s time to focus on what makes you original.
Like every business owner, you want to upgrade your business, and the best way to do this is through an increased online presence. But how can you stand out from your competitors and wow your customers when everyone else is thinking the same thing?


WpBooker Mobile Plugin. The WpBooker Mobile Plugin is a lightweight mobile site plugin for WordPress which allows users to easily book online appointments right from your site. 


Personalise your own website, no matter what theme and what customization options are added by the themes creator.

UI Elements

Navigational Components: breadcrumb, search field, progress bar, notifications, message boxes

Clean Code

We take pride in our work and the codes we have put together to make this plugin work.


We have put together and easy to follow videos tutoruals 

Free Updates

We constantly to improve our plugin. We will be adding new features on a monthly bases.

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Creativity is what makes you original.

Have you ever thought about upgrading your business by increasing the quality of your online presence? If you want to stand out from the crowd and surprise your customers with original features on your website, do it by adding the WPbooker plug-in to your WordPress Website. This way, your customers will find it easy to connect with you.

What is wpbooker?

WPBooker is that amazing online tool which combines the features of and the utility of wordpress platforms. As a business owner, your WordPress website is the connection between your services and your customers. All you need is your customers to feel comfortable while browsing your website.
Adding WPbooker to your WordPress is a smart choice nowadays when everyone wants fast and precise services. If you have a business where clients have to book a seat, make a reservation, or an appointment, this new plug-in will make it easier for them to stay connected with you. The software is easy to install and even easier to use. WPbooker addresses to all websites that are into online booking businesses.
Either you are online since forever or you just started, WPbooker is that software that will differentiate you from others. Install it on your website and add a touch of creativity and professionalism to your business.

Making customers happy. Benefits.

Keeping your customers happy is the best business strategy, make sure you use it. This strategy comes in the shape of WPbooker

Easy to install. WPbooker can be installed by anyone. With some tips and click you can get the plug-in to your WordPress in no time.

Comfortable for customers. Your customers will login easily and they will have access to numerous features. The customer will book services, have access to his history on your platform, see who or what is available. The customer will be happy because he will always be updated about everything that is going on your website and with his booking.

Proven success. It has been demonstrated that after the WPbooker plug-in was installed on several websites the specific businesses have doubled their booking rate. People find it easier to make appointments using a simple platform where clicks can bring them closer to the services they need.

Desktop and mobile friendly. A great plug-in has to be available and work excellent on both desktop and mobile platforms. WPbooker is that great plug-in.
REMEMBER: Keeping your customers happy is the key to success. The key is right here. Use it to unlock your success.

Latest News

We are currently working on completly revamped, with massive features and updates for WpBooker plugin should be ready around April 30 2020

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